•  File Review/ Recommendations
•  Initial Vocational Evaluation
•  Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)
•  Job Analysis (JA)
•  Job-Seeking Skills & Placement
•  Labor Market Survey (LMS)
•  Loss of Earning Capacity Analysis (LEC)
•  Vocational Testing
•  Ergonomic Assessment


Mayer Vocational Rehabilitation Services (MVRS) provides reliable and comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services to individuals, insurance companies, attorneys, and employers. Mr. Mayer has served as an expert consultant in the vocational rehabilitation field for over 19 years, and has testified in Industrial Commission hearings, as well as Superior and Federal Court proceedings.

Mayer Vocational Rehabilitation Services has extensive knowledge and expertise in:

•  Workers' Compensation
•  Long Term Disability
•  Personal Injury
•  Expert Testimony



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