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Mayer Vocational Rehabilitation Services provides comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services, including the following:

File Review/Recommendations

The File Review/Recommendations service is an inclusive process of reviewing file information, including vocational, medical, and legal documents, so as to provide appropriate service recommendations. Recommendations may include one or more of the following services: Initial Vocational Evaluation, Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA), Job Analysis (JA), Job-Seeking Skills & Placement, Labor Market Survey (LMS), Loss of Earning Capacity Analysis (LEC), Vocational Testing, and Ergonomic Assessment.

Initial Vocational Evaluation

The Initial Vocational Evaluation assesses an individual's current status, including medical history, education, and work experience, as well as their motivation to return to work. The Initial Vocational Evaluation can be thought of as a "snap shot" of the individual's current overall status. This evaluation can be useful in providing a basis for determining further services.

Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)

The Transferable Skills Analysis determines an individual's residual employment capacity following a disabling injury or illness. This systematic analysis determines occupations favorably matching an individual's current skills, education, work history, medical condition, and residual functional capacity.

Job Analysis (JA)

The Job Analysis assesses a job's physical and mental requirements, as well as the important work behaviors, activities, and tasks. The Job Analysis is often utilized to develop necessary modifications of the job or to obtain medical clearance to perform the job.

Job-Seeking Skills & Placement

This service provides an individual with support in resume preparation, job development, interviewing skills, and job search techniques. Job Seeking Skills and Placement may also be included in the development of a retraining program and completion of a rehabilitation plan.

Labor Market Survey (LMS)

The Labor Market Survey provides specific labor market trends and openings for previously identified occupations. Availability and wages are determined by direct contact with employers. The Labor Market Survey is often completed in conjunction with a Transferable Skills Analysis so as to assess jobs for which an individual would qualify and access based upon the incidence of those jobs in local or regional areas.

Loss of Earning Capacity Analysis (LEC)

The Loss of Earning Capacity analysis determines whether an individual has incurred a loss of earnings as a result of their injury or disability. This analysis is most typically based on an individual's permanent work restrictions, education, and work experience, as well as the suitability and availability of specific occupations in a given labor market. The LEC is often completed in conjunction with a Labor Market Survey.

Vocational Testing

Vocational Testing identifies an individual's aptitudes, interests, academic achievement, and temperaments. Vocational Testing assists in clarifying an individual's transferable skills and placement potential.

Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomics is the method of fitting a work area to the worker. The purpose of this assessment is to analyze the work process or work environment, and adjust the work area to maximize productive work (OSHA Guidelines). Ergonomic recommendations may include administrative strategies, engineering, and/or specific product solutions. This assessment is often used in a preventative capacity, and case specific situations in office and industrial environments.



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